Top Singles This Week: Soundtrack to Your Spring Break

It’s officially spring! This week is the first taste we’re getting of the upcoming summer and I couldn’t be more excited. Even if it’s not that warm and the sun still has yet to come out, we all know the sunny days and warm weather are just around the corner. Keep reading to find out our picks for this week’s top 5 singles that are sure to be added to your spring break playlist!

“Shelter” by Alice Phoebe Lou

South African singer-songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou’s new release “Shelter” is the perfect song for laying out on the beach or exploring new places this spring. “Shelter” is Lou’s first release since her 2021 LP Child’s Play, which we reviewed in early 2022. Disguised as just another indie pop hit, “Shelter” is also a song about learning to protect your love and put yourself first. My favorite part of the song is the vocal effect used on Lou’s voice, making it sound like she’s underwater, which reminds me of blasting music by the pool with friends. Alice Phoebe Lou is definitely an artist to watch this upcoming summer, and you can get tickets to see her on tour in North America in May and Europe from October to December.

“Keep You Company” by Sam Austins

Changing gears into more of a rock feel, “Keep You Company” by Sam Austins has a mid-90s alt-rock guitar riff that immediately hooks you in. Sam Austins was recently named one of NME’s 100 emerging artists of 2023, making him an artist that you’ll want to keep your eye on. “Keep You Company” is the first single off of Austins’ upcoming EP that’s due for release on May 19. Austins, called “a true Gen Z chameleon” by NME, proves worthy of that title by flawlessly combining indie, rock, and R&B all on the same track. This song reminds me of something you’d see in an early 2000s high school romance movie, such as 10 Things I Hate About You or Bring It On. Check out Sam Austins and pre-save his upcoming EP here!

“All or Nothing” by Ripe

The alternative pop band Ripe shared “All or Nothing” as the first single of their second album, Bright Blues. The song is a powerful hit about being a hopeless romantic and putting your all into a relationship with another person who isn’t reciprocating. The absolute best part of this song is the use of their horns section, combining jazz and funk into a fun pop song that makes you not just want, but need to dance. A true college band success story, the members of Ripe first met at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and they’ve been rising the charts ever since. The band is currently gearing up for their 2023 North America headline tour with three festival appearances in July of this year. Get tickets to see Ripe in a city near you, and listen to their new album Bright Blues here.

“Dark Side” by Chris Lanzon

A little bit of a “darker side” of our picks this week is Chris Lanzon’s new single, “Dark Side”. The Australian singer is most well known for being a contestant on The Voice Kids and X Factor Australia, but Lanzon is now taking his career into his own hands with solo releases, including a new EP coming out on April 27. While the song could easily be about a struggling relationship, it is also about self-reflection, dealing with your own past, and healing. The song is slower with some light vocals from Lanzon and a relatively simple production. This track is perfect for those cold, gloomy days of the spring when it seems like summer is just too far away and school will never end. If you’re looking for more of a self-care spring break, this is the song for you.

“Strawberry Blues” by VEAUX

Last but definitely not least, “Strawberry Blues” by VEAUX is a dancey alt-pop single that absolutely needs to be played on full blast. The Nashville-based trio is currently releasing an ongoing series of songs called “Love Songs for the Apocalypse”. Though no official album has been released or announced, I cannot wait for more songs to come out and be the official soundtrack of the summer. Aaron Wagner, the lead singer of VEAUX, said all they wanted to do with this track was to “make something fun”, which they very obviously achieved. The song screams late summer nights, and I can’t wait to hear what VEAUX puts out next! Keep up to date with VEAUX on their Instagram, and make sure to watch their social media accounts for tour and album announcements.

All five of these songs have been on repeat for the past few weeks, and I can’t wait to see what these artists are up to next. These are some of the perfect songs for driving with the windows down, tanning, hanging out with friends, and traveling. I cannot wait for the warmer weather to arrive so I can listen to these songs with the windows down and not freeze while pretending it’s summer. Watch this space next week to find out our next picks for the week’s top singles!

Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!
Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!

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