Melanie Martinez is Back From The Dead With “DEATH” Music Video

In anticipation for Melanie Martinez’s new upcoming album PORTALS(releasing on March 31st), she dropped the gloomy cinematic music video for her single “DEATH” on March 24th. The captivating music video stars Melanie Martinez, who not only wrote the song, but was a major role in directing the video and designing the costumes. In the video we follow the spirit or reincarnation of Crybaby, her alter-persona from the K-12 era, as she explores the fine line of life and death while struggling to connect to the living.

The song starts off with Melanie’s voice altered into a creepy child-like tone repeating, “Life is death, is death is life, is death, is life.” This is meant to symbolize that death is a never ending loop that no one can escape from-from the moment we are born, we are all destined to die. The sounds of a heartbeat speed up until it stops, signaling the end of a life. The gentle acoustics of a guitar and subtle sounds of wind and nature with Melanie’s strong yet soft vocals is paired with dark lyrics as it leads into the pre-chorus. The tempo begins to pick up as Melanie’s voice becomes louder and more emotional, when the beat drops, the guitar is replaced with a bass and the listener is thrown into a catchy synth track and a hard hitting chorus. “Back from the dead, I’m back from the dead, back from the dead”, telling her fans that after her three year hiatus after the release of her K-12 film, that she is back, ‘reborn’, as this new persona.

“Immortal by design, I’ll be meeting you here, every time.”

-Melanie Martinez

The song ends with the chilling vocals whispering “I’m back,” and the background of the track providing ominous sounds of perhaps Crybaby, running away while out of breath. With “DEATH”, Martinez tells the story of the ‘end’ of her beloved persona into a whole new one that fans are sure to love just as much, if not more. Don’t forget to preorder PORTALS HERE and stream “DEATH”!

Abbey Killion Editor
I can pass captcha tests.
Abbey Killion Editor
I can pass captcha tests.

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