Top Music Videos This Week: In Your Feels

If you’ve ever found yourself on a long car ride, leaning your head against the window as rain pours outside and begun imagining yourself in a music video, this list is probably for you. Many artists have been able to create great sad songs for when you just need to cry, but it’s the ones that capture that music video moodiness that really put you in your feels. Here are some of the best new songs and videos that know how to pull at your heartstrings.

“Warm A Cold Heart” by Harrison Storm

Australian indie-folk artist Harrison Storm is starting off his upcoming album with a melancholy walk through dark city streets. The video for “Warm A Cold Heart” follows Storm as he wanders through what looks to be an abandoned city, his soft and nostalgia-filled vocals filling the empty space. Lyrics like “all it takes is yesterday’s growing pains to learn what you’re missing” brings forward the sometimes painful honesty that Storm likes to explore. This track is perfect for when life feels like it’s moving a little too fast and you just need to take a moment to stop and feel. Check out Harrison Storm on his EU/UK summer tour here.

“I Love You” by Savannah Conley

Not only does Savannah Conley once again prove her ability to absolutely break your heart with her newest single “I Love You,” she accompanies it with a music video that perfectly captures the clashing feelings of fear and excitement that come with admitting you’re falling in love. The all black and white video shows Conley as she lies paralyzed, describing every anxiety as she realizes that she’s in love, all juxtaposed to flashes of movement and dance that depict the little moments of happiness peaking through. Conley smooth and moody vocals are backed by an equally as contrasting quick beat that stays for the entire song, letting viewers and listeners feel with her. This song is only the most recent off of her upcoming album Playing the Part of You Is Me, which debuts on May 12.

“Memory” by Windser

Windser brings it back to basics with his acoustic version of “Memory,” one of the many heartfelt ballads off of his latest EP Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea. Windser serenades us with just his guitar and voice on a walk through said redwoods, the sentimental lyrics and his raw-folk voice making for the perfect pairing. Windser delivers sometimes somber lyrics in a way that feels so genuine, you can’t help but to feel like you’re just going for a walk with him in the forest. I think that’s what makes this version so great; he’s inviting you to appreciate his music with him in its most natural form. Make sure you catch him performing at Lollapalooza this August!

“EGO” by Josh Levi

Josh Levi brings a different approach to being in your feels. Instead of wallowing, Levi brings a classic R&B vibe to the idea of a breakup song. He has a modern style that still somehow harks back to some of your favorite 90s heartbreak songs, especially with the moody almost entirely black and white music video that shows Levi brooding in what looks to be VHS. The whole look is very retro, which I think adds to his R&B sound. This song is perfect for when your feels are coming from a specific person and you just need to let out that last little bit of spite. “EGO” follows two other songs already released from Levi’s upcoming EP DISC TWO — listen to them here!

“Summer Glass” by Julie Byrne

Julie Byrne is making a comeback after over six years since her last album with “Summer Glass,” the lead single off of her upcoming album  The Greater Wings. The video shows the ethereal singer over a montage of clips, all of which seem to display a snippet of the memories and experiences that make up a person. Byrne’s haunting and psychedelic voice captures to nostalgia of remembering the little details of your past that you hope you never forget. This song is light and atmospheric, but somehow manages to take you on a perfectly melancholy path down memory lane. Don’t miss her upcoming tour and get your tickets here.

Even if you’re not looking to have a sad girl summer, there’s always a moment when you want to just sit back and embrace the feelings. Make sure to stay tuned and catch next week’s top picks!

I am a journalism and film student based in New York! Follow me on Instagram @nikkalak 🙂
I am a journalism and film student based in New York! Follow me on Instagram @nikkalak 🙂

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