Birdy is Ready to Move On in New Single “Heartbreaker”

In her newest single, the English singer-songwriter sings of a hopeless relationship that she can’t find herself to give up. The track “Heartbreaker” (in addition to “Raincatchers”) marks a change in direction and sound. Fans anticipate a new era for her upcoming album Portraits, which releases July 14.

When thinking of Birdy, “Skinny Love” is what often comes to mind. The Bon Iver cover boasts more than 700 million plays, one of her most well-played songs. Many of her other tracks like “People Help the People” and “Keeping Your Head Up” show off the singer’s soulful and raw vocals. While the ethereal and memorable qualities of her voice remain, Birdy incorporates a fresh alternative pop beat.

“Heartbreaker” conveys the confusing feeling of not knowing what someone wants in a relationship. While the singer wishes to feel the heartbreak and other melodramatic ups and downs at first, she soon realizes that it’s not for her.

You say one more dance and I always give in

I’m falling in your arms trying to save everything

– “Heartbreaker”

The song is built around a sparse, piano-driven arrangement, with gentle, cascading chords that create a sense of wistfulness and nostalgia. In the melody, she delivers a restrained yet powerful performance, imbuing the lyrics with a sense of deep emotional resonance. Her voice is soft and ethereal, with a tremulous quality that gives the impression of vulnerability and fragility.

Birdy chooses her lyrics carefully, arranging them in a clever and catchy way. There is also a kind of echo, backing vocals that sound like a second voice in her head. So when Birdy admits to staying in this relationship and disregarding the signs, the supporting vocals seem to affirm that.

Birdy is undeniably a well-loved talent, not only in the United Kingdom but around the world. As a musician who never hesitates to try new things, she is always trying a new artistic style or engaging with fans on TikTok. 

It was very special to be playing again and quite nostalgic to sing some of the old songs and see so many familiar faces after all these years.

– Birdy

It’s no surprise listeners are asking for tour dates and live concerts, from China to Latin America. According to the singer, who just finished touring in April, the feeling is mutual. Though Birdy hasn’t announced plans for a tour yet, fans can take the time to listen to her discography.

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