Tilian Pearson Releases “Is Anarchy A Good Hobby”

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The iconic vocalist of Dance Gavin Dance, Tilian, once again proves his talent and polarity with his new single and music video, “Is Anarchy A Good Hobby?”. Born of the struggles faced during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tilian was inspired to create a new unapologetic album on which this new song would be featured. The album, “Factory Reset” would not only showcase his internal pool of artistry, but also allow Tilian release himself into it. By choosing to write, record, and produce the upcoming album himself, he has full creative freedom and answers to no one but his truest fans. 

Just a few weeks after California was forced into the mandatory emergency lockdown, Tillian found himself questioning existence itself, and his purpose in it. In describing the process he endured leading up to the creation of “Factory Reset” he said, “I was searching for meaning in isolation and found it in creating this album”. While his special quarantine project is intimate to his own reflections, “Is Anarchy A Good Hobby” is a crescendo that is relatable to all. 

Purposefully snuggled tight into a set position in the middle of the album, this particular song clashes chaotic electronic vibes with striking vocals beautifully to build a tension representative of both the many internal and external pressures of life. The artist himself says “Is Anarchy A Good Hobby” is “about the joy that is released after a necessary destruction”. Already an intentionally dramatic song,  the music video consists largely of dancers in a chilly warehouse, seen locked in a passionate struggle interpretatively with themselves, eachother, and their own demons. The visual effect is one of great risk and reward, and, on a scale of relatability, communicative of intentional destruction and personal rebirth. Eclectic and all-inclusive, “Is Anarchy A Good Hobby” poses within itself the question and the breathtaking answer.

Stream the single now on all streaming platforms, and stay tuned for the full length album on April 23rd!

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