To start off your Monday, we break down some of the barriers of struggle in a variety of sound. Check out this week’s picks, and let us know what you think!

“LiGH+,” by S O N O f: Created in the peak of isolation of 2020, this dreamy single was curated as an independent project based in folk roots. As the members of The Vitrolum Republic figured out new ways to create music in this strange era, they dove deep into electronic instrumentals. Out of it came forth an evocative experience that mirrors that of Bon Iver. Check out the track now on their Bandcamp, at the link here.

“VALUE,” by REVEENKA: A track about growing up and battling the anxieties in never feeling good enough, this alternative song is vulnerable in melody and breaks down the barriers built in self-doubt.

“Nutrient Burn,” by Mud Whale: This ambient post-hardcore track burrows in the brain with its atmosphere of sound, while it tackles the concept that overindulgence can turn anything toxic; and even the best things can become poison if overly done.

“Mother,” by Siahna: A Seattle native, this artist shares her unique vocals in a message promoting the care for Mother Earth as it shares the desperation to wake people up and becomes a lyrically rich catalyst and call-to-action.

“Doctor Hurricane,” by AMiBA: Copenhagen-based duo shares their electro-powerpop, retro sound blended with a touch of humor as it breaks down the struggle some women experience in the healthcare system.

“La Boco del Lobo,” by Ombra: A catchy and lighthearted-in-sound indie pop track en Español, this song is the third pre-release toward their latest album.

“Lost,” by narou & Ava June: narou invites their audience to share in a sonical experience in remembrance of all the missed opportunities and possible memories lost to the past year’s events. In this track, seeping from its sound comes memories of human contact and the anxieties found in the lack of it. Capturing isolation in its fullest in a unique way, this track emphasizes the human need for experience; embracing loved ones, experiencing adventures of the night, and the rambling around with strangers and embracing unplanned journeys in evenings out.

“Lucy,” by Music By KOTA: A mix of blues and rock, this track shares the relatability in finding things that seemed good at first but ended up biting back instead.

What was your favorite track this week? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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