Tigercub Makes a ‘Swoon’worthy Rock ‘n’ Roll Track with Its Newest Single

“Swoon” is a moody rock performance about longing for home from Tigercub. There is a foreboding power to the track. It starts soft, with light harmonizing vocals, but immediately surges into the strong melancholic rock with loud instrumentals for which the U.K. trio — made up of frontman Jamie Hall, drummer James Allix and bassist Jimi Wheelwright — is known.  

In the track, harsh, distorted riffs are perfectly paired with clear, whispering vocals from Hall. Tigercub always impresses with clever lyricism. “Swoon” is especially relatable to those growing up and leaving home. 

The song is based on Hall’s experience of homesickness. He explains: 

When I first moved away from Sunderland to live in Brighton, I thought I would never look back. However, as the years have passed, I’ve grown more and more homesick and have realized my deep yearning to reconnect with my roots in the north of England. “Swoon” is about uncovering those feelings and addressing them.

Jamie Hall

The song especially shines in its epic hook, in which Hall’s voice becomes the star, singing:

Come home where I want it to be

Home where I want it to be

Home where I want it to be

Home somewhere I can’t believe

“Swoon” by Tigercub

The chorus feels like a release from the otherwise tense song, keeping the listener enthralled with the band throughout the track. 

The strong drums and powerful guitar only help to escalate the track’s all-consuming, captivating power. The song’s dramatic instrumentals and sharp writing create a rock tour de force. 

“Swoon” is the latest single from the band’s soon-to-be-released album The Perfume of Decay. Other singles, “The Perfume of Decay” and “Play My Favourite Song” have already been released, setting up the LP to be a dark, grungy, bittersweet look at growing older. 

On the upcoming album, Hall says he wrote and recorded most of the LP at night.

“Perfume is a diary of my emotional journey from dusk to dawn, an anxiety-fueled voyage through the storm,” he said. “Lyrically, at points, it is almost a stream of consciousness.”

The video for “The Perfume of Decay” can be seen below:

The album will be released via Loosegroove Records, a label co-founded by Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam fame. Gossard has supported the band since its 2016 debut album, Abstract Figures in the Dark.

While waiting for the record’s June 2 release date, the band can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To catch “Swoon” live, the band is currently on a U.S. tour through June and will be returning to tour in the U.K. in October and November. See the dates below: 

The rock triumph, “Swoon,” is available to stream on all platforms. Give it a listen here:

I’m a journalist based in the Bay Area with a passion for writing about art, comedy and music.
I’m a journalist based in the Bay Area with a passion for writing about art, comedy and music.

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