Jorja Smith Faces a New Era in Music Video for “Try Me”

Jorja Smith returns with a new single “Try Me” to address a new chapter and explore a new sound within the R&B genre. Compared to her sultry and laid-back vocals, Smith employs more strength in this single. Her experimentation in her new track parallels the song’s message of facing a new reality, a statement that expresses that the musician is ready to step into her personal and musical identity in a fearless way.

Take back your word

Might hurt, but I won’t hide

I know myself, I know I wasn’t

The only one that has been through what I have today

– “Try Me”

The instrumentals consist of a catchy, drum-heavy sound that evokes almost a spiritual mood. The bass creates some variation but remains stripped back to give emphasis on the lyrics more than anything else.

In the music video, the scenes elaborate on a place of beauty and danger, frustration and dogged resistance that has become a reality. Jorja Smith very much embraces this, stepping into the light. A highlight involves a choreography with dancer Andrea Bou Othmane, who dances in an expressive and almost animalistic way. Smith reveals that Othmane’s movement embodies that of a bull, a representation of the world and its opinions that are beyond one’s control. In this scene and throughout the end of the video, the singer faces Othmane, and what he represents, in both a vulnerable and resilient manner. Both dressed in earthy and natural colors, the two continue to face off.

[The song is about] Putting yourself out there, in front of a world that has many opinions, as it only ever used to be me really being my own critic.

– Jorja Smith

Though Jorja Smith has no plans for tour this year (yet), fans can spend some time browsing her discography of singles, albums and accompanying music videos. And of course, follow the singer on Instagram for updates.

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