Jesse Merineau Shocks Our Core In ‘Temporary Dopamine’ 

Dopamine is a compound in our bodies responsible for our feelings of pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. Its what keeps us going, glowing and growing as we try to navigate the world around us. Rather than a map, it’s that happy little rest stop we all need to find ourselves all over again. Whether brought by family, friends, lover, pets, hobbies or what have you, it’s undeniable that it lifts us to new heights. Thus, we crave it and if possible want recreate it in a regular basis.

These ecstatic rage of emotions are also felt in Canadian artist Jesse Merineau’s latest song entitled ‘Temporary Dopamine’. Released April 22nd, in all major streaming platforms worldwide via Vegan Canibal. ‘Temporary Dopamine’ is a hard hitting social commentary about our dependence on artificial sources of fulfillment and purpose. It also aims to remind us that this dangerous habit we’re into (drugs, gossip, fake news etc.) leads straight to a road heading nowhere. Think of it as a societal black hole that we always find ourselves in from time to time.

A wake up call in music form. Jesse Merineau’s heart stopping vocals and euphoric instrumentals talks to us in an intimate way. Relating, rather than scolding or lambasting, he wants us to be wiser with our decisions. That friend who’s so concerned and invested in our progress, he asks us about our current life choices. Did we ever slip into madness and or addiction in search for a dopamine fix? If the answer is a resounding “YES”, then how deep are we into it?

As much as ‘Temporary Dopamine’ exposes our despicable side. It provides us hope for the future that we could hold on to. That contrary to popular belief, this generation will still manage to get out of this fiery building one way or the other. To escape with flying colors and strive to do better as we get older. Just thinking about it boosts our dopamine levels to a hundred percent. How much more of this all came into fruition?

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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