The Walls to Climb to Change Bad Habits in “The maze I built”

ANDRÆ is back with the third act of his post-breakup EP: “The maze I built.” The song describes a labyrinth as a prison we create in our own mind, and is partially inspired by the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur: the idea of a creature within ourselves that we choose to keep locked in a cage.

ANDRÆ is an independent one-man band who associates dark electronic and organic sounds with soulful vocals. Currently based in London and originally from Brussels, he shows a natural talent for all kinds of artistic disciplines, one especially being in visual arts, as a way of escaping a world that seems inadequate to him. He writes, produces and performs every song, creates all his visuals and music videos himself, and after releasing a few tracks over the past few years, he has been featured on blogs and radio shows, one notable example being BBC 6 Introducing.

Cover art

The first listen of “The maze I built” will guarantee you an electronic sound that is truly unique against its competition in similar genres. Told in an upbeat manner and taking no time in delaying its message, the track delves deep on how we repeat the same behaviors over and over, because it would be much harder to try changing our bad habits then work on what we need to. The main melody bounces from note to note, perfectly laying the footwork for ANDRÆ’s powerful vocals, and truly cements the enjoyment and artistry of the song as a whole. Verses here focus on how we reject the idea of freedom at times, as the work it takes to achieve it seems too big to take on, and following a route of your choosing is easier than taking one you are unfamiliar with. It’s completely easy to be said that “The maze I built” is brutal, beautiful, and deserving of a spot on your various electronic playlists.

The song is available now on Spotify and Soundcloud, and more from ANDRÆ can be found on his Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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