Giving Up “Milk Money” to Conform to Today’s Normality

“Milk Money” by Tanners releases today and tells a story of feeling unsafe in a place where that shouldn’t be the case. Tanners herself is the psych-pop project of Tanner Peterson, a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and producer. With support from FADER, NYLON, Stereogum, and Rolling Stone behind her previous singles, the Tennessee-turned-New Yorker draws from psychedelic, otherworldly sounds and big pop hooks to create her own blend of electro-pop. Today, she has brought live shows to heavy-hitter venues such as Rough Trade NYC and the PlayStation Theatre for the annual TEDxTeen event, as well as NYC establishments including Baby’s All Right, Elsewhere, Le Poisson Rouge, and Rockwood Music Hall.

On the creation of “Milk Money,” Tanners has stated the following:

“I wanted to capture the feeling of being preyed on while also knowing how much power I hold inside of me. They’re two very intense, very opposite feelings and it’s tough to hold such contradicting truths at the same time. It’s one of the burdens of being a woman and/or a queer person – whether we’re conscious of it or not, we have to adapt and present ourselves in a way that ‘fits’ any given situation to ensure no one feels uncomfortable or challenged for the sake of self preservation.”

The track itself is a brutal yet worthwhile artistic statement combined with effortless melodies, subtle yet driving guitars and a blooming chorus. In her vocal performance and details laid throughout the instrumental, Tanners expresses her frustrations of having to conform with a world that is unwelcoming, and how she has to act like everything is perfectly fine all the time. The gritty sound of a bass guitar meshes extremely well with the track’s softly sung lyrics, making for a unique yet familiar experience, especially in this genre of pop. “Milk Money” is overall incredibly detailed in its confidence, anger, and readiness at any opportunity to relay the unfair issues that many people groups face today, and should be recommended to anyone who knowingly holds the same mindset.

“Milk Money” is available now on Spotify and Soundcloud, and more from Tanners can be found on her Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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