The Regret That Comes with Mistaken Love in Cate Tomlinson’s “hurt u”

Cate Tomlinson released “hurt u” today, April 22, 2022, and notes the single as her most pop/rock song yet. Tomlinson is an 20-year-old singer, songwriter, and performing artist from San Francisco, and is now based out of Boston working to develop her unique voice as a Music Industry major. She plans on having boundless more years of developing her own unique voice, and is set to make significant waves when the time comes.

“hurt u” is now available for all audiences on Spotify.

Tomlinson describes the inspiration for this track to be as follows: “I got screwed over by a baseball player and left no details out.” This is incredibly apparent on first listen as she questions her actions leading up to the dreadful moment it all crumbled apart. She wishes she never fell for him, and sees now that the moment he made his first move was already a red flag. Of course, there is truly nothing to be done to fix any of this at this point in time, and she expresses her rightful frustration perfectly through beautifully sung lyrics that are carried by excellent low-toned instrumentals. He took her 20’s from her, and the resentment that will remain in her heart due to this fact is shown to be very strong, a pain that will evidently last for a long time.

For future endeavors, Tomlinson can also be found on Instagram.

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