British rock superband Coldplay released their latest album, Music of the Spheres, toward the end of 2021. Several singles were released before and after the space-themed concept album, but it might be their latest single “People of the Pride,” that stands out above the rest – especially with the recent release of the song’s music video.

Since their debut in 2000, Coldplay has never exactly been known as a traditional rock band. Their sound is oftentimes more dream pop and soft rock, with hints of electronica, R&B and even international vibes splattered in where needed. So, it comes as a pleasant shock that Coldplay has released one of the rare genuine rock songs in their discography. “People of the Pride” wouldn’t sound out of place on an album by Depeche Mode or Muse – its guitar riff lovingly homaged from the former, its lyrical themes very much borrowed from the latter – but the fact that it is Coldplay delivering this message of how we all, “Got to stand up to be counted / Be an anthem for your time” makes for a lovely surprise.

The music video for “People of the Pride” is comprised of footage shot from live concerts intermixed with animations showing a dystopia of despotic overtakers, 24/7 factory labour and robot lions on patrol. It certainly all comes together to create the image of a future which, as frontman Chris Martin puts it, should be actively fought against:

“This is the politics that believes that everyone on the planet has a right to be themselves. And I think whether you’re an old soft-rock superstar, or a young whippersnapper, you’re allowed to believe that.”

“People of the Pride” is one of the rare music videos that utilizes beautifully-shot performance footage with original animations to create a truly harrowing gut punch. For all their softer moments on previous albums, Coldplay finally shows both audibly and visually how they can be just as hard-hitting as any other rock band. Watch the music video and listen to the single for “People of the Pride” below!

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