Remember the Prairies on Earth Day with Louise Kelly’s “Deep Roots”

Louise Kelly returns with an incredibly meaningful single titled “Deep Roots,” which features her love for the prairies and how she wishes to better conserve them. Rooted and thriving in Illinois, Kelly’s music is known to reflect a desire to learn from nature. The grounds we live on heavily inspired her previous single “We Belong to the Earth” from her sophomore album Two Gardens, which is an album that affirmed the effortless link between our natural world and our natural connections with the ones we love.

“Deep Roots” is now available for listeners through Spotify.

The track highlights how we are meant to be connected to the land that surrounds us. Illinois is the “Prairie State,” yet only 3% of prairie is left, and this track expresses the concern of how this is so and more. Nature is given incredible imagery through Kelly’s words as she tells us to treat the Earth gently, that it is a paradise that we should not ever take for granted. We are “people of the prairie,” and owe an incredible amount of gratitude to this place we call home, as it nurtured our roots and allowed us to be who we are today.

More inspiration can be found through Kelly on her YouTube and Instagram.

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