For all the many flavors of pop, alternative and indie music, very few lean on influences outside of 80’s synth, 90’s grunge or late 00’s art pop. Thankfully, with their continuing strides as one of the most unique bands today, The Marías’ “All I Really Want Is You” delivers a sound unlike any other, with a matching music video inspired by some of the greatest filmmakers.

The Marías take inspiration from many places — most importantly, from lead singer María Zardoya’s Puerto Rican roots. But their sound can be directly traced back to Zardoya’s love of Erykah Badu and Sade, while her co-founder Josh Conway brings his influences of Radiohead and Tame Impala to the group. That combination is especially evident on “All I Really Want Is You,” which fuses latin jazz sounds and bossa nova beats with light synths and Zardoya’s delicate vocals.

It’s a song that’s lyrically vague, but in a way that works incredibly well to match the meditative tone. With a chorus like, “All I really want is you / What would you do? / Laying in the rain with you / Middle of June / All I really want is you / What would you do? / Sleeping outside, the moon / Tripping with you,” the track could be read as either desperate unrequited love or the throes of a new passion. Either way, it sounds and looks like a flowing dream world, which is exactly what the band was aiming for:

We want people to feel inspired to create anything, whether it’s music or art or whatever else they’re drawn toHopefully the songs will help them to break away from real life for a while and create some kind of dream world in their heads – something like the scenes to their own little movie.

Similarly, the music video for “All I Really Want Is You” takes inspiration from the likes of Wes Anderson and Pedro Almodóvar for its aesthetic. In the video, set in an expansive castle under a cloudy sky, Zardoya wears all manner of outfits — like a slinky black number on a velvet couch, a red dress as she sits on a windowsill and a princess hat while lying in a bathtub — while looking at the camera with eyes that bear into one’s soul. It’s a lavish piece full of textures and patterns, and feels genuinely more like a series of scenes from a feature film than a 3-minute music video.

With “All I Really Want Is You” and their debut album CINEMA — which, upon release, garnered over 76 million streams worldwide — The Marías are poised to carve out a unique space all their own in the music world. Stay tuned for more information from this awesome group, and make sure to check out the music video and Spotify for “All I Really Want Is You” below!

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