The Lovelines’ new single “Steadily” is a smooth and romantic summer lounge track

With their latest single “Steadily,” The Lovelines instantly evoke images of a sly heist scene in their song with smooth percussive elements and steady, rhythmic drum beats. A brother and sister duo, Todd Goings and Tessa D thrive as both modern soul-focused vocalists and retro music producers with signature quick-moving drum hits and Tessa’s low, emotive lounge voice. The result is a track that is both groovy and sensual molding modern elements of music (like hints of synth) with others long-tried and true (in their features with more natural percussion.)

Inspired by jazz and lounge singers, The Lovelines is one of the groups bringing about the future of jazz and pop, giving a new edge to the sounds cultivated in the jazz heyday of the ’20s and ’30s. Goings writes the music, records, and produces for the group, while his half-sister Tessa serves as the main singer.

With the duo being on opposite sides of the world (with singer Tessa in Germany and Goings based out of Florida) they are currently strictly a recording band for now, but still bring that confident live element into their songs. Their 2021 debut single “Strange Kind of Love” was met with acclaim which led to the group releasing several equally summer-tinged tracks, with many of those releases being featured on numerous popular Spotify playlists.

With plans to release a full LP later this year or the next, there’s more to come from The Lovelines very soon. Keep up with the duo on their social media for more and listen to their latest track “Steadily” below!

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