The Heartbreaking Realization of a Relationship Being “Too Good To Be True”

Released today, “Too Good To Be True” is a melancholic piece that reveals in the realization of how good things always seem to come and go. The track is by David McCredie, an up and coming indie pop artist from the east coast of Australia. He is most known for appearing on The Voice Australia back in 2018, and is now a publishing artist, as “Too Good To Be True” his is debut release.

“Over 7 years ago in March 2015, I journaled that I wanted to release my own music… however, the fear of ‘what’s if it’s no good’ held me back, ‘what if people don’t like my voice, or my style’.. got in the way, wanting it to be perfect got in the way… so I put the idea back in the box, and before I knew it, life moved on, and slowly I gave up on that little dream. Now, well over 7 years later, lots has changed. I’ve grown up a lot since then and now the timing seems right to start releasing my own music, I’m in a good place. I feel so blessed to be in the position I am today.”

~ @davidmccrediemusic on Facebook

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A soft acoustic sound followed by smooth vocals and clear emotive intent of solemnness is the introduction provided by “Too Good To Be True.” A low beat guides McCredie as he speaks of the times filled with bliss spent with a lover with unbreakable chemistry. For the chorus, he explains his sprouting worries by describing a scene, being a conversation by a campfire, talking into the night, and the doubts arising once the conversations has ended. He asks questions that follow the topic of “what we could be,” knowing that honeymoon phases pass by, and waiting for conflict that is sure to arise. The song ends with all of these realizations being right, that all of it really was too good to be true, and now sitting by the fire is to be spent alone, wondering of what could be if everything had the chance to work out. The uniqueness of the ending is what really makes the track stand out, as not everything goes to plan all the time, cementing its relatability.

“To Good To Be True” is available now on Spotify, and David McCredie can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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