The Confidence to Keep Going in Daniel Bromander’s “Still Standing”

Released today by Daniel Bromander, “Still Standing” is an anthem that describes the determination in moving forward. This follows the release of his debut singles “Keep on Living” and “Relax“, which opened doors to different collaborations with high profile musicians and writers in Sweden.

From a difficult past of being involved in cults, to now receiving a standing ovation in the 2019 run of Sweden’s Got Talent, Bromander has stopped at nothing to rebuild what was stolen from him in his early years. With a caring heart and a motto of never giving up, Bromander is completely deserving of all of the recognition he has received since debuting last December. “Still Standing” notably features Ukrainian musician Max Tovstyi for guitars and bass. His story adds an additional meaningful layer to this song, as he had to leave his studio in Kyiv due to Russian invasions, and was looking for ways to continue to work.

“Still Standing” is now available worldwide through Spotify and Apple Music.

The song is a perfect definition of upbeat funk that we all know and love, all packed with high enough energy levels sure to provide a good time. A lot of this energy comes from the different instruments used, with drums taking the feature and guitar providing the path that leads the vocals throughout the track. The final bridge of the song features a gorgeous purely-vocal section that really showcases Bromander’s clear skill, and with a story of never backing down, despite all odds, “Still Standing” is a treat that deserves to be experienced by everyone.

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