The Beauty of Freedom Expressed in Veronika Hanl’s “Dancing in Nylon”

Award-winning Austrian Veronika Hanl shared “Dancing in Nylon” on June 2, 2022. It features vocals from singer, songwriter, dancer and collaborator Julia Romana, allowing the single to exude sensuality from the very first note.

Coming from a background in classical music, Hanl studied composition, music and sound production at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. Since moving to London, she has been an assistant to RTS Craft Award winning Composer Dru Masters, on several TV series, as well as working with award-winning Composer Walter Mair on films and feature documentaries. On coming up for the concept of “Dancing in Nylon,” Hanl states as such:

 “Immediately when I read Julia’s lyrics, I had the visuals in mind – a dancer in an abandoned warehouse, dancing carefree like no-one is watching. We are sometimes very stuck in our ways and structures that society puts upon us. This track allows you to break free and move around freely like you want to.”

Reminiscent of a dream, “Dancing in Nylon” features Hanl’s euphoric instrumentals and Romana’s sultry voice, making for a truly heavenly slice of left-field alt-pop. The beginning brings forward an atmosphere of tranquility with an airy sound and a low piano, all coming together to provide a message on what it means to be free from shackles that once brought you down. It shifts to a more groovy feel by the chorus, featuring a well put together collaboration from a guitar and drum, expressing the cathartic nature of newly found happiness. The music video also gorgeously showcases all of these emotions through dance, not abandoning the elegant nature of the song at all, but heightening it and making its beauty more apparent. The single is truly a breath of fresh air in its artistic inventiveness and sheer display of skill, and it is deserving to be experienced by those wanting a new take on the ever-expandable genre that is indie pop.

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