HUNJIYA Strikes Gold with New Singles “TALK2ME!” and “FAVORITE”

K-Pop and R&B artist HUNJIYA released double singles “TALK2ME!” and “FAVORITE” ahead of her July 6 album KHAMAI. The South Korean-born singer began her artistic career by observing her visual artist mother in a small town in upstate New York. She has since moved back to South Korea to pursue her career in music.

Singles “TALK2ME!” and “FAVORITE” will be a part of her sophomore album KHAMAI which is set to debut later this week. As HUNJIYA describes, “My new album is brimming with themes: Code switching– how you change yourself slightly depending on who you’re with and what is happening. The concept of a chameleon– how the animal changes colors based on what environment they’re in. In this case, I am the chameleon, and my behaviors, feelings, actions, etc. are all changing based on the situation. People give the advice of ‘being yourself’ but they don’t talk about how there’s not just one version of yourself. There’s multiple that add up to who you are. As for the title itself, chameleon comes from the Greek word ‘khamai’ meaning ‘on the ground or earth’ and ‘leon’ meaning ‘lion’.”

Photo by Claire Fagin

HUNJIYA’s “TALK2ME!” explores the theme of being “the other.” She starts off by describing her return to her roots and how the two cultures that she has come to know no longer align. The songs chorus sees HUNJIYA desperately longing to be heard, and ultimately embraced as opposed to being relegated to the liminal space between two parts of herself.

Am I making any sense?

Please teach me better ways to speak more clearly

Talk to me!

Talk to me!

In these conversations, something’s missing cause my words won′t show my feelings

Talk to me!

Can somebody talk to me?!


“FAVORITE” Music Video

“FAVORITE” tells the story of falling out of love. The song’s bright pop and R&B feel perfectly sets the tone for HUNJIYA’s lyrics. Whether it be about a person or a place, “FAVORITE” captures the all-too-relatable realization that people sometimes change who they are to fit into the role they’re trying to play.

But I still remember all your favorites

They were my favorites too

But everything I thought I loved

was only cause I loved you

but I still remember all your favorites

They were my favorites too

Forgot the things I used to love

When I fell out of love with you


HUNJIYA is not only a talented singer, songwriter, and producer, but an extremely talented visual artist as well. You can see more of her work on her website as well as by following her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. “TALK2ME!” and “FAVORITE” are streaming now on all music platforms. KHAMAI is set for release on July 6, so be sure to listen and check back with Glasse Factory for all the latest news and reviews from your favorite artists!

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