NYC’s Parris Mitchell Unveils Upcoming EP (9/22) With “your only” Single/Video

New York City’s pop power-house, Parris Mitchell, has been carefully concocting punch-filled, meditative anthems, reflective of moments between acts, throughout the course of this year. And with nothing but joy in our hearts we’re happy to announce that his EP i don’t love you, and other lies is finally here (streaming now on all platforms).

Mitchell was strategic in his delivery, leading us on a string with new singles in which the direction was never clear. Under-toned by specific moments, conversations, and fluid trains of though, no analysis could prepare for the finished product– but we encourage you to listen from beginning to end.

Initially driven by musical theater, his songwriting process is directed with an intent to generate authentic reactions. Every note, strum, pluck, and tone work in unison to create an indescribable intensity that continues to manifest between every breath taken and sigh released.

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Although he entered the industry with a band by his side, the pandemic allowed Mitchell to delve back into writing, attending to all parts of the process. In turn he became the jack of all trades with a mastery in each. In terms of writing, recording, producing, and advertising, he did it all, on his own, in the comfort of his own solitude. Allusive to the works of Charlie Puth and LANY, Mitchell’s pairing of conversational lyricism and synthesized R&B pop is melancholically performative– providing a space for listeners to endure their own journey while following along on his.

Between threads of loneliness, confidence, and confessions, Mitchell aimed to weave those themes together and make this record as chaotic as possible, imitating life as we hate and love to see it. “There is no theme beyond love gained, sought after and lost in this EP,” says Mitchell. “Life is sporadic and I want the collection of songs to reflect that. No one song sounds the same as to reflect how no one feeling or experience is. You can evolve from love and that is what I aim to do here.”

The once scattered collection of intricate feelings became a complete recollection of nuanced experiences fabricated through an 80’s chromatic smorgasbord. i don’t love you, and other lies reads as an anthology but digests like a diary entry, and as you listen to each track on its own, without repetition, you begin to understand the storyline.

The first track, “your only,” sets the tone for the record in that each experience unpacked is a lesson learned about who we love, how we love, and what causes us to fall out of love. At the heart of the passionate human experience is a fairytale and happy ending– and “your only” is expressive enough to understand that notion but clever enough to allude to the eventual downfall. In classic-covered instrumentals, the ripping saxophones defy pop in ways Lady Gaga does so effortlessly– subtly but with a whole lot of soul.

Careful not to intrude on the main event, the instrumentals of this track leverage Mitchell’s silky-smooth vocals with highs and lows that culminate a melodramatic intensity that build a catchy ballad. Both intentionally and strategically, Mitchell’s emotions carry this track into its comedic neighbor, “Super Power,” where the load is lightened but the details tighten.

“Super Power” is sprinkled with ad-libs, fused by harmonies, and elevated with shoulders-moving, scream-singing instrumental break down. Contrary to its title, nothing about this track is super natural, aside from its echoing, lo-fi instrumentals. While love is still on the brain, his viewpoint is fitted closer to the emotions that come with being in love. This track creates space for interpretation, both involving Mitchell and yourself– where instead of highlighting a specific moment, he unravels the feelings of love with no person at the forefront, widening the horizons for a more poetic effect.

The following track on this project is Mitchell’s exploration of music in the club scene. By divorcing the synth, the snaps, and the melancholic reverb, “permanent +1” takes on a whole new level of pop– a step away from classic and a step closer to electronic. In terms of sound alone, this track is significantly different than the ones leading up to it. Not even 30 seconds in, the hazy vocals, rustic clap-backing keyboard, and convoluted collection of sounds puts you in your favorite club and the setting of this story. Although simple in its understanding, the point of this track was not to tell a detailed story, rather display his range in musicality– and he surely did not disappoint.

After breaking the tension and resetting the tune, the last track brings Mitchell back to earth both emotionally and vocally. “i never said i’m perfect” is Mitchell writing in between the lines, amid the good times, and anticipating the bad times. This conversational track illustrates an innate frustration experienced by all who struggle with self-assurance (so basically everyone if we’re being honest).

In a full display of his vocal range, this track is comedic enough to hold back the tears but emotional enough for you to want to scream it out loud. In other words, it’s an anthem for the broken-hearted. With special focus on his voice, the abstract instrumentals elevate in a way that creates an opposing effect– while unraveling deeply-rooted trauma the quickly moving snare reminds you to pick your chin up.

While no tour is lined up just yet, there’s still a chance for you to see the magic unfold before your eyes. Upon the EP’s release, Parris Mitchell will be hosting a release party at Berlin Under A in New York City on September 23rd, for all who wish to bask in the emotional rollercoaster.

i don’t love you, and other lies EP Out Today via Ninetone

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