Taroug, Sohnemann’s “Perpetual” — Review

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German producers Taroug and Sohnemann have teamed up to release a new collaboration called “Perpetual,” marking Taroug’s official debut after a musical refocusing. The song, which came out on June 5, is a chill-yet-cutting electronic construction which features pulsing percussion, washed vocals, and heavy synthesizers. Lyrically, the song is about the “abstract sight of a wormhole in a human’s mind.”

I enjoyed listening to “Perpetual” even though it’s not the kind of music I would generally seek out. The song builds nicely to its various peaks and would make great background music for anyone trying to relax or calm down.


Taroug is the solo project of German-Tunisian electronic music producer Tarek Zarroug, based in Cologne, GER. As a drummer and synth enthusiast, his music ranges from simple to complex rhythmic patterns over experimental modular synth design up to ethnic world music influences.

You can follow him on Instagram here.


With ‘Hallo Angst’ and ‘Langsam ist König’, Sohnemann released two EPs at once. Recorded once in Cologne for over a year with all the attention to detail and recorded on a weekend in a rehearsal room in Berlin, Sohnemann develop their own variant of contemporary indie music on a double EP. Noisy guitars meet sensual texts, dreamy melancholy meets catchy melodies. (roughly translated from German)

You can also follow them on Instagram here.

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