Dax’s “Dear God” — Review

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Canadian rapper Dax, who has made a name for himself over the past couple of years for his diss tracks towards Jake Paul, RiceGum, and PewDiePie as well his viral 2017 song “Cash Me Outside” ft. Danielle Bregoli, has come into his own as a legitimate force to watch out for in the rap scene with one of his latest offerings, “Dear God.”

In this track, Dax proves his undeniable talent with an epic litany of concerns, qualms, fears, and problems with the world and with organized religion. He openly asks where God was in some of his darkest moments and pines for a more direct relationship with God, instead of seeking answers in human beings or religion. He questions how an all-loving and all-powerful God can allow the wealth, racial, and social inequalities that exist in our country and world. He does all of these things from the lens of a believer who feels lost, confused and angry. When combined with the video — an epic creation where Dax assumes the robes, scourges, and cross of Christ on his path to crucifixion — it makes for one of the most thought-provoking, honest, and important songs I’ve heard in some time. Anyone who has ever struggled with spirituality in the modern world should be able to relate to the emotions Dax conveys in this song.


While the song was originally released in 2019, it was included as part of his March 2020 album “I’ll Say It For You.” To this date, it has racked up over 20 million clicks on both Spotify and YouTube.

Ultimately, Dax has a lot of anger, frustration, and pain to get off his chest with “Dear God.” It comes from a very raw and emotional place, and the result is one of the fiercest, most blisteringly real tracks I’ve listened to this year.

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