Last week, Talia Stewart announced the release of her third music video from August’s release, “Confessional.” A white “Talia Stewart” text fills the black screen, before the screen horizontally splits, opening the scene to focus on a running wheel. Ominous wind chimes clink together before Talia releases a haunting sigh.

Stewart paired with Nigel Callisto to direct the visual embodiment of “Rate Race.” The initial image of Talia sets the mood for the track. With red irises, Talia wears a white feathered hat while rats crawl around her neck, introducing color themes of white and red to the video. Jump cuts show rats slowly becoming familiar with their running wheel, as Talia continue to flicker her blood red eyes towards the camera.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.36.54 PM

Talia sings the bridge, “Hey twisted mister, said you would behave,” and the film jumps to a scene in the woods. Three women, Talia included, wearing white body suits with detailed red lining, balance atop sewer pipes. Stewart holds a red rope attached to the two women behind her as she bends her knees. Dropped to a squat and flipping her hair she continues with vocals “runnin’ round with scissors, thinkin’ I’d be chased.”

As the chorus begins, a variety of handsome men take the focal point, looking to the camera on each beat. Images of rats walking through Talia’s locks, then across her face, add to the already spooky theme of “Rat Race.” The second verse pulls fluid dancing from Talia, edited to the winding tune and beats of the track. A zooming camera on the artist’s white acrylics then slides between the two supporting women, and back to Talia licking her teeth.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.35.59 PM

The second loop of the chorus brings images of different men on a life sized running wheel, Talia Stewart’s hands twirling creepily, and back to the scene in the woods. As she sings the final line, followed by a quick exhale, the video ends.


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