From California to Tennessee, singer-songwriter Talia Stewart released her first musical project in 2016. Come 2019, the artists presents a 7-track, deep pop album: “Confessional.” The secret of somberness throughout the near half-hour project is Stewart’s throaty, soulful vocals.

The album’s introductory track, “Into the Confessional,” jumps right into lyrics while establishing the smooth, mystical rhythm of the album. Final refrains present the grounds of “Confessional:” “my heart owns my head and my head is gonna roam, nothing’s left unsaid in my confessional.”

With a hint of horror film vibrations, “Rat Race” and “No Escape” both contain some drawn-out, deep vocals, with unique samples like the nostalgic music class instruments, or wind-chimes bumping from a soft breeze.


Stewart fully utilizes her vocals as their own instrument in “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” bending and playing with annunciation and projection of each word. That, paired with a complex layering of the rhythm, as well as the patterns of samples throughout the track—a deep exhale, more wind chimes, and multiple sneaky instruments—Talia Stewart creates this prime blend of a sultry musical experience. “Amante” slows the album down—like the first song, there is a good 45 seconds before the track really picks up to its full musicality. A repetition of “I love you,” before the beat drops to a jazzical mood. This is the type of voluminous song to accompany a passionate film scene. Besides, “Amante” translates to ‘lover’ or ‘mistress,’ in Spanish.

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Arguably the most diverse track on the album, “Look Ma No Hands” has a little hint of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, and a bit of a reggae flare—and talk about some nostalgia with that title! Stewart strokes her own ego with a lyricism focused on doing her thing, ’cause she does it well. You just know she’s dancing behind that microphone before the project gets to the last track: “Fly.”

There are periods in “Fly” that sound similar to a filled auditorium of cheering, chanting in rhythm, like a praised response to an announcement—perhaps her freedom of flying on her own. By the end of this 28-and-a-half-minute confessional, I’m left astounded by the steady creativity of Talia Stewart and the instrumentalization of her talented voice.


The “Confessional” release show will be held at Mercy Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee. Click here to secure your tickets, and stream “Confessional” on Spotify in the meantime.

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