Bien et Toi Releases New Track, “Topo,” Featuring sophie meiers And carpetgarden

On September 16th, Gianluca Buccellati, the producer of one of 2021’s best albums – Arlo Parks’ Collapsed In Sunbeams – released a new single under his solo project, Bien et Toi. “Topo,” the latest single from Buccellati’s upcoming EP, London Safari, “is a blissfully hushed love song, layering intricate production with sweet harmonies that commands repeat listens.” It’s very much in the same vein as tracks like “Eugene” and “Black Dog” from Collapsed In Sunbeams, and the contributions from sophie meiers and carpetgarden are fantastic.

“Topo” Single Artwork

Speaking about “Topo,” Bien et Toi comments “I fell in love with Sophie’s voice when we started working together. There was a time period, about a year ago, where we made so much music. Carpetgarden became a quick bestie a few years back when we made ‘The Way He Looks.’ I was keen on seeing what would happen in a collaborative setting with both of them. Everything we made in that time period became the sound of the moment for me. I’m excited to share a piece of that with the world. I remember having a couple long drives where I had Topo on repeat. I just couldn’t get over how well Sophie and Carpetgarden sounded together. This song feels so real and relatable, even in its musical simplicity. It was devised as a platform for the vocalists to be open and honest without too much intrusion from bells and whistles of over-production. To be caught up and so hopelessly lost in someone else that you’ll apologize for anything, to be so addicted to the moment you get to lock eyes again and the complex emotions that come with it.”

“Topo” is an excellent continuation of Bien et Toi’s output that started in August with “Rainbow Tables.” I will punch myself for using this phrase, but the vibes are immaculate. The instrumental creates that pensive mood, and the lyrics “I’m sorry for being sorry” are something I’m sure plenty of listeners can relate to. Much like his work with other artists, Buccellati has created an energy with the instrumental and then made vocals that blend that energy with humanity to create something incredible.

Check out “Topo” below, and be on the lookout for more from Bien et Toi!

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