To absolutely no one’s surprise, Adele’s 30 has become the top-selling album of 2021 within just three days. If you didn’t already know, her new album is about “divorce, babe, divorce.” The entire album feels like reading someone’s diary, she takes the listeners through her life, both the good times and the bad.

The very first track is emotional yet empowering. “Strangers By Nature” is the perfect start to the album. The lyrics point out how she is finally ready to open up and talk about everything she has been through. She has healed from her wounds and she doesn’t look back at her life with sorrowful eyes. Rather, she acknowledges what she has lost and she is willing to make peace with it. The flutes and strings of the song set up a gloomy mood. Prior to the release of her album 30 Adele had made her comeback after a six years hiatus with the release of “Easy On Me,” the second track in the album. Women have always been expected to sacrifice themselves for their family, especially wives and mothers. And if a woman chooses not to follow this societal norm, she becomes a subject of criticism. Through “Easy On Me” Adele shares how realised that the biggest mistake she made was not putting herself first.

“My Little Love” undoubtedly has the power to break the listener’s heart into a thousand pieces. The vulnerability in the lyrics is very evident and can almost speak to the listener. The lyrics are a painful reminder to Adele’s own childhood and her broken family. Adele wanted to give her son a great family and did not want him to go through what she did, and she remains concerned that he should not experience the same things she did. With the backing of a soulful choir she sings, “I love your dad because he gave you to me.” With “Cry Your Heart Out” Adele gives us a song to dance to when we are alone. It is a masterpiece built on smooth, jazzy and soul. It is a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. She tells us how at times she feels weak and afraid and how she comes to realize the healing effect of pouring out your heart. “Oh My God” is the fifth track, is where she starts moving on by prioritising herself and takes charge of her life. The song has an addictive hook and gives us the bop of the century.

“Can I Get It” has an upbeat tempo and lightheartedness and gives the listeners a break from the other sad songs. The guitar, slow chorus, fast verses, all together is truly a masterpiece. She tells the listeners she’s finally ready to love again. “I Drink Wine” is another song with a lot of vulnerability. She pours out her insecurities through the beautiful lyrics. She reiterates that she does not wish to dwell on things she cannot change and that she wants to start living for herself. The song is an anthem of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. “Woman Like Me” flawlessly portrays the feminine urge to heal wounded men and end up getting hurt in the process. The lyrics are powerful, strong and couldn’t be more accurate. It captures nuances of disappointment, desperation, the struggle and can resonate deeply with anyone who has been through a heartbreak. The slow and heart-rending delivery makes the track perfect.

“Hold On” is a track everyone needs. Through the 10th track, Adele advises the listeners to hang in there and not lose hope. She encourages the listeners to hold on. Her mesmerizing voice and piano add to the beauty of the song. “To Be Loved” is where she starts to wrap things up. As she sings “I’ll never learn if I never leap / I’ll always yearn if I never speak” she realizes that she will have to lose some things to find herself. The 11th song is beautiful soulful rendition weaved with a lot of painful memories. “Love Is A Game” the final track portrays Adele as a self-sufficient and self-aware woman giving the album a perfect ending. She states that she didn’t get where she is by ignoring everything that she’s been through but by learning from her mistakes and growing into the person she has become now. “I can love, I can love again / I love me now, like I loved him” is one of the lines that spoke to almost everyone. This track is like a summary of the entire album. The jazz retro 70’s style with Adele’s deep voice needless to say makes it a beautiful song.

It is clear that the album definitely inspires people to stand for themselves and know their worth. Made with vulnerable and gut-wrenching lyrics, astounding vocals and perfect composition, 30 is undoubtedly one of the best albums of the year. Don’t forget to stream 30 here.

Annliya George Subscriber
I am a college freshman majoring in English. I love writing, reading and singing.
Annliya George Subscriber
I am a college freshman majoring in English. I love writing, reading and singing.

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