New York-based musician, Mia LJ is on a roll since the release of her debut Solfeggio frequency inspired album, Synergy. Multi-instrumentally talented, the singer, songwriter, and producer has collaborated with the concepts of blending in healing and therapy through her own sound. And it’s working.

Rising in the ranks with her unique electricity in performances, she sold out of her first live event featuring songs from Synergy in her hometown of New York City. The album in full has included collaborations with various Grammy-award winners. Her single, “Coming Down,” went viral on YouTube as it was shared in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

And shortly after the release of her debut album, Mia LJ shares a raw and spiritual experience she found shortly after a breakup in the visualizer for “Blue Lights, Black Butterflies.”

I wrote this song in September 2020 with my friend Zach [Berns: drummer, producer]. This was maybe our second or third time creating together! We share a supernatural synergy, so making music together has been such a beautiful, uplifting, healing experience. Zach produced the song and it was sitting on his hard drive. When he played this instrumental for me, I immediately felt inspired. Lyrics poured out of me, and I began to track my vocals. I also added some electric guitar! 

The lyrics are a truthful unapologetic confession of emotion inspired by a difficult break up (October 2019). After the break up, I felt inspired to cleanse and uplift my mind, body, heart and soul. After months of practicing merkaba meditations and expansive vibrational healing techniques in isolation, DMT was naturally released in my brain. The natural release of DMT in my brain triggered an out of body experience while I was in a sleep state one night (February 2020), bringing me to a mind state more vivid than 3D reality. I remember a blue ray of light shooting through my body. Then, in the months following, I started to see black butterflies everywhere… A sign from the universe…”

~ Mia LJ

Throughout the video, we are roped in to the manifestation of her experience, and pulled in to be a part of it with her. Deep hues of blue shine behind her as black butterflies fluttering onscreen. Our problems begin to melt away as we witness and release.

Watch the video in full below:

Stream Mia LJ’s Solfeggio frequency album in full, available now on all listening platforms.

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