The Emo Kids Invade Sacramento! Goldfield Trading Post hosts Sleeping With Sirens on their “Complete Collapse” Tour

Photos by Helana Michelle

It’s Tuesday, October 25, 2022. The emo rock band Sleeping With Sirens is playing a sold out show at Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento, CA. The sun is setting on a procession of people wrapped around the block. “We got tickets as soon as the show was announced. We knew it was going to sell out.” said one fan waiting in line. Even before everyone was packed into the venue, the anticipation of the crowd was apparent to any passerby.

The show kicked off with an opening set from True North. Their songs featured a wide range of melodic elements ranging from heavy emo music to more open soundscapes. Throughout their entire performance the vocals soared over the instrumentals like two young hawks dancing in the sky. 

When Sleeping With Sirens entered the stage, the cheers of the audience were so deafening that for a brief moment the noise of the crowd almost overwhelmed the band. However Kellin expertly guided everyone’s energy into singing with him as SWS opened up with a fan favorite “James Dean”.

“We’ve been playing in Vegas and it’s been really nostalgic…The people that matter most are people in this f*cking room right now. Thank you for choosing to spend your evening with us.”

– Kellin

In the middle of the SWS set the audience was treated to an intimate acoustic performance. Rather than the expected one or two songs, the acoustic section was substantial. Kellin’s angelic voice soared over a single acoustic guitar. The acoustic set included a cover of the song “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls and Kellin had the crowd singing along to every word.

As the band roared back into after the acoustic performance, Kellin reminded the audience to look out for the community around them.

“If you ever feel down and like you’re worthless… there are people in this room that understand and care about you. Let those people who are down know that you care about them because you can never really know what  they’re going through.”


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Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire
Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire

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