Meet your new Valentine’s song. “Carried Away” will be an annual love ballad for anyone who’s just fallen head-over-heels for the first time. Dispensing peaceful vibes into the world on February 12th, Surf Mesa and Madison Beer heartwarmingly collaborated.

Mesa built on his viral sensation “ily (i love you baby),” while Beer showed her range coming off the Ariana-Grande-swagger displayed in “BOYS**T.”

The duo seemed to fall in sync the way two lovers seamlessly fit together, their edges and curves meshing perfectly as one. Shared inspiration, along with an openness to combining their respective EDM and Pop backgrounds, produced this euphoric track.

“’Carried Away’ is about the butterflies in your stomach feeling you get when you meet someone new and fall in love for the very first time…Working with Madison was a dream. I hope this song spreads love during this time when we need it more than ever.”

-Surf mesa

Surf Mesa & Madison Beer
Surf Mesa & Madison Beer via Danielle DeGrasse-Alston

“When writing songs about love, I’m often drawn to the ups and downs and heartache that can result from a relationship gone bad. It was refreshing to explore the other side of love for ‘Carried Away,’ the excited nerves you get from meeting someone and falling in love for the first time. I’m so grateful to Surf who made the whole process fun.”

-Madison beer

Agreement on first love’s energetic preciousness predominated the lyrics. The artists evoked how not only did the rest of the world slip away when you were with that special person, but also how the rest of the day struck you as trivial. School, work, and remaining commitments became annoying impediments to intertwining with that significant other.

Surf Mesa Solo
Surf Mesa via Elizabeth Miranda

For the purposes of this song at least, Mesa served as Prince Charming to Beer’s Cinderella. A romantic tale in which Charming offered the formal ball invitation of a collaboration, Cinderella kindly accepted bearing gentle vocals to compliment his delicate synthesizer and drums, before Astralwerks then came in as fairy godmother supplying the glass slippers of a conduit to fans.

Given the combined billions of worldwide streams that these two have amassed, the clock won’t be striking midnight anytime soon on this Single warmed by a hearth of pulsating passions.

Those strong emotions that distracted you from caring what anybody else thought or said about your relationship. The sort where self-conscious boundaries were cast aside. That trusting foundation, as the lyrics suggested, developed by the pair seeking to understand each other as much as to be understood.     

“Carried Away” Lyric Video via Surf Mesa

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