Tsu Nami and Skyler Coco have collaborated on a smooth, sonic, bubblegum-pop sound that is for the introverts and tired extroverts out there. The song is a dance track, which is ironic because the lyrics indicate not really wanting to party at all. 😉

The single is a perfect song for homebodies, or anyone who has ever been drug out to a party they don’t  wanna be at. Also this song touches on protecting your energy. If you’re surrounded by a vibe that isn’t good for you, it’s better to be on your own. 

The song starts off chill, up until the singer is asked by a voice, “hey, you good?” As the beat drops and the singer monologues “I really don’t wanna be at this party,” as if she’s answering her friend’s question.

With a unique blending of beats and smooth, light sonic sounds, coupled with the recording of people talking, the listener feels like they are at a party. The track tells the story and works well with the lyrics being sung. 

The visuals associated with the track are fun and playful, using anime, which adds a cool dimension to the lyrics. One of the youtube videos available for the track humorously portrays the people at the party as zombies. 

Tsu Nami is a 21 year old producer based out of Los Angeles, California. She uniquely integrates pop sentiments with melodic dance music and has been featured around the country with the emergence of virtual festivals. Her collaborator, Skyler Cocco is a New York born, indie pop singer- songwriter, based in Los Angeles as well. Cocco has been producing since she was 11 years old and blends synth-pop, dream pop, and alternative rock, all the while telling her truth as a twenty something queer woman. 

Overall, this track is well produced and depicts a relatable scene, adding a fun contribution to the electro-dance pop genre.

The single, “Party,” is now available on all streaming platforms. Check it out!

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