Summer Comes Early In Off Key Junior X Lovespeake’s ‘Taste Like Summertime’

In a few months from now, summer will be upon on us all. The pause button activated for school and work (kind of). Time to party, play, and vacation all the way – booyah! Whether done alone, with family or friends, we should remember to seize every moment. Not just because we’ve earned it, but our bodies and minds need it.

The same giddy expectation about the upcoming sunny season is strongly felt in Off Key Junior aka OKJ X Lovespeake’s latest song entitled ‘Taste Like Summertime’. Released April 14th in all major streaming platforms via BMG Rights Management GmbH. This latest offering from OKJ is an uber danceable track dedicated to a special someone comparable to summertime. Hot, sweet, lovable, fun and magical in every turn. These are just few of the adjectives used to describe this person. Thus, going gaga and aching to be with their significant other every single second. A bit excessive yes, but that’s exactly the point. To express their fondness and burning love for their significant other. As the lyrics would say ‘I got you on my mind. You taste like summertime. I don’t wanna wait another night. If you know then you know. If you know then you know.”.

With catchy vocals, instrumentals reminiscent of dub step sprinkled in with colorful beats and rhythms. OKJ x Lovespeake offers us this ear candy that drives our emotions and imaginations into hyperspace as we simultaneously fall head over heels with our lovers (crushes included). It’s a light hearted tune about love more specifically the joys and craziness attached to it. Much like summertime, it’s something we all desire to experience. Our entire beings long for it, cry for it even. That’s because love makes us whole, the same manner summer completes all the seasons.

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Happy Monday folks!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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