“Suffocating” Reflects Haddix’s Strength and Courage

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Haddix was raised in Brooklin Ontario, a small town outside of Toronto, and always expressed great interest in any performing arts she could get involved in, first picking up dancing at just five years old. Although her family is filled with educators, they are also a very musical and arts-based family and have always supported her in chasing her dreams. The freedom and expression of dance have influenced her as a musician since she always felt that dance allowed her to tell a story and as a result, her music has always moved her emotionally. She began to consider a career in music upon joining musical theatre and began to write her own music at the age of 15.

At 19, Haddix visited Nashville and met Jason Davis, who provided her with the opportunity she always dreamed about. After submitting a self-written album, produced locally in Toronto, she began working with her current team on what will be her debut EP. Her music has a dark and alternative pop vibe that has been greatly influenced by her love for contemporary and modern dance and art. She intends to give listeners a glimpse into her mind and hopes her audience can connect with her and her music, ultimately using her platform to make a greater change and to make a difference.

“Suffocating” is gritty and authentic. It deals with breaking free of a toxic relationship. It’s easy to stay in something that is familiar, even though it is unhealthy and you are put through a negative cycle over and over. It takes strength and courage to walk away from something like that. This song is about taking back your power, walking away, and starting fresh.

Haddix provides powerful vocals over an electro pop instrumental that rises and falls to match her lyrics. She starts off with steady and smoky tone as she sings about the lengths she goes to in order to keep her significant other happy, all while feeling like she’s in a straitjacket. As she launches into the chorus, layered vocalizations provide an undertone as she recognizes how this relationship makes her feel – suffocated and needing to breathe. The instrumental picks up some darker synths to build with the power behind the message. When she reaches the point where she breaks free, the instrumental elements swell underneath a crest in vocal performance.

It sounds like Haddix is well on her way to her intended destination of making her audience feel something to drive a larger impact. Be sure to listen to “Suffocating” and keep an eye out for her upcoming EP, which is certain to explore more topics around female power and strength.

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