Haddix Paves Her “Own Way” in Cathartic Break-Up Anthem

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Powerhouse vocalist Haddix is back with her second single of 2021. Her previous single, “Suffocating,” was a gritty and authentic reflection of a toxic relationship. She follows up on the theme of freedom with her new single, “Own Way,” which serves as an anthem to all those who feel free after leaving someone who just wasn’t right for them.

Haddix was raised in Brooklin Ontario, a small town outside of Toronto, and always expressed great interest in any performing arts she could get involved in, first picking up dancing at just five years old. The freedom and expression of dance have influenced her as a musician since she always felt that dance allowed her to tell a story and as a result, her music has always moved her emotionally. At 19, Haddix visited Nashville and met Jason Davis, who provided her with the opportunity she always dreamed about – to make a career as a singer. Her music has a dark and alternative pop vibe that has been greatly influenced by her love for contemporary and modern dance and art. She intends to give listeners a glimpse into her mind and hopes her audience can connect with her and her music, ultimately using her platform to make a greater change and to make a difference.

Diverging from the darker synth-heavy production of her last single, Haddix chooses a more classic pop approach with a more buoyant and light-hearted soundscape. After all, while the songs do share similar themes, they are exploring very different parts of a relationship. So just as the production in “Suffocating” paralleled the emotions expressed in the song, as does the production of “Own Way.” Her vocals are brightly prominent above the guitar strums and airy synths. The catchy chorus is powerfully liberating – the lyrics are assured and there’s no clarification needed on the emotions that stir behind it. The balanced percussions and elated tones support the central theme of freedom.

This positive post-breakup anthem is joyful, freeing, and cathartic.

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