(New York, NY – January 12, 2021) – Canadian musician and singer-songwriter-producer Lubalin has debuted his new single “long txts” available on all digital streaming platforms now via Cult Nation/The OrchardCLICK HERE to listen to the genre-bending hip-hop track – written and produced by the self-taught Montreal-based creator and artist – who writes, composes, produces, and records all of his own music. 

At the close of 2020, Lubalin skyrocketed to viral TikTok fame overnight thanks to his two original “Internet Drama” videos (here and here) that have amassed 53 million views12.8 million likes, and gained him 1.8 million followers on the platform in only a matter of weeks.

Credit: Denis Audette

On the release of his new single, “long txts,” Lubalin shares,

Sometimes we try to simplify complicated things, and in the end, it only makes them more complicated. The song starts out clean and tidy, reflecting this desire to keep everything simple. But it won’t hold for long. By the time we reach the chorus, the song is erupting. The chorus is so eager to explode that it comes in a whole measure early.”

“Because of the lyric: ‘sending long txts, getting long txts back,’ you might think I wrote this song after the viral success of my recent TikToks. But actually, that lyric came to me over a year ago (pre-COVID). I’m on a greyhound bus, traveling from the city I was born in, back to the city I live in. Across the aisle, I can see the glow of another passenger’s screen. I can’t tell what they’re writing, but I can see that they’re sending long txts and getting long txts back. I just thought, ‘that’s a vibe.’


Fascinated by sound from a young age, Lubalin rapidly developed an ease for experimenting with harmonies, melodies, textures, and vocal timbres. Inspired by a broad spectrum of styles – ranging from obscure recordings to big pop hits – his curiosity serves as the driving force in his creative process. These are the elements that make his music unique and are showcased throughout his experimental debut project, Lubalin EP, released in September 2020.

Stay tuned for much more to come from the multi-talented artist who is planning a series of new releases for 2021, including singles, EPs, and videos. Stream Lubalin’s new single “long txts” available now.

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