Love is a “Riptide” in Saint Chaos’s New Single

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Saint Chaos is a modern rock duo hailing from Berlin. Comprised of Nils Brunkhorst (vocals) and Phil Sunday (guitar, producer), the duo formed when the artists decided to create a project of their own in 2017. Merging post-grunge vocals with guitar-driven electronic beats and vibey atmospheres, they created their trademark sound. This genre-blending mixture results in energetic pop-rock anthems with an electronic twist. The two songwriters make sure to deliver a very visual/cinematic sound while still remaining honest in their lyrics and catchy in their melodies.

“Riptide” is their first single of the new year and upholds their signature style while also living up to its name.

The song features a hypnotic bassline that is steadily punctuated by a feathering vocal. The bassline rises and falls with Nils’s vocal performance, reflecting the pull and push motions of a riptide. It reaches a swell during the hook, an emotional repetition of the line “Your love is a riptide,” before falling again into the verses.

The song is driven by the message of just how powerful and dangerous love can be at the same time. The duality of the message is carried throughout the song, both in vocal performance and sound production. As Nils reflects on his varied emotions towards this love, the volume and tempo of his voice change. The lyrics and vocals are emotionally charged, but there is a mixture of emotions present. Towards the end of the song, the hook carries a softer energy, like a riptide that has lost its kinetic power and is retreating into the distance. The electronic-laced instrumental is replaced by calmer guitar pluckings to reflect the shift in energy.

The strong dynamic established in this song makes it a must-listen. Let’s carry forth the power from this song through the rest of this year.

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Elena Lin Administrator
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