Subtle Orange’s ‘Bailey’s’ Is A Thrilling Look At Lovers Living On The Edge

To be in love and in a relationship is like entering a whole new world. While we’re still surrounded by society, we get into this bubble together with our special someone. Your lives are now intertwined, and form this moment on bond that will only get stronger through time. As the meme goes, the both of you become the “main characters” of your own movie. It’s up to both of you though what genre you want it to fall under (choose wisely). 

Regardless of what path the both of you chose, there will always be shenanigans to be had. They’re additional spice to your partnership and ones that you can (hopefully) laugh at looking back in retrospect. Such is the song “Bailey’s” from the San Francisco based band Subtle Orange. Released last November 11th and streaming in all major streaming platforms, it’s an intimate look at two star crossed lovers tethering life’s ropes. It’s a push and pull between the reality they’ve built and the real world. A Thelma And Louise type of deal with the romance level ramped up to a thousand. 

What’s jaw dropping here is that they know what they’re getting into and yet they’re still willing to push through just as long as they’re together. Their love for each other and the car they’re in is all they need to carry on. Whether they crash and burn or survive it all, they’ll be fine because they’ve got all they need. As the track mentions “I Can Be Bad And Break All The Rules With You Babe”. It’s a risk it all, thrill seeking love affair that’s just captivating to the senses. 

As much as it is an out there type of love story, the ways it’s presented through lyrics and imagery is relatable. While its vocals, instrumentals and vibe is a snapshot of hits from the early 2000s. For a topic that’s a bit too heavy, it has that feel good quality to it that just makes you want to go on a road trip. Not to mention, all the memories start to flood in when the intro starts to play. So, if you’re looking for a record fitting to be a part of the soundtrack of your life, then “Bailey’s” by Subtle Orange is the one for you!

Can’t get enough of Subtle Orange? If so then give them a follow on their official website, Instagram,  TikTok, and YouTube accounts for more electric content that’ll get you happy all over. 

Happy Holidays Friends! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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