Sub Urban ft. Bella Poarch 'inferno' and music video

Sub Urban drops a sizzling dark pop track, ‘inferno,’ featuring TikTok superstar Bella Poarch released August 18, 2021. A song based on Poarch sexual assault, a distressing experience she wishes never happened. The duo’s last collaborations were Sub Urban’s ‘Cirque’ music video and Bella Poarch’s ‘Build a B*tch,’ some fans speculate ‘inferno’ are all similarly connected.

Filipino-American Poarch shares her vengeful fantasy, lyrically and visually, with Prince of Bizzare Sub Urban. His spellbinding voice describes a not-so-innocent Poarch; in reality, she’s the devil disguised as an angel. “She’s the villain/ One as sweet as caramel/She’s my saint/Think I’m getting butterflies/ But it’s really Something telling me to run away.” Bella Poarch’s silky vocals, playful tone are well expressed, making it a catchy chorus “No halo/ Baby, I’m the reason why hell’s so hot, inferno.” Sub Urban incorporates classical music, Poarch’s eerily like children’s vocals, and alternative pop.

Sub Urban & Bella Poarch- Inferno

Poarch raises hell, ‘inferno’ music video in a luxurious hotel—featuring fifteen social media influencers, including Bretman Rock, Valkyrie, and Pokimane. Tik Tok superstar Bella Poarch appears glammed, sitting in a bar as two gentlemen slip her a date rape drug. In a nightmarish elevator ride, Poarch goes rogue, transforming red-hot supernatural diva. Artist Sub Urban plays as Poarch’s henchman, dropping a storm of bees in the elevator shaft to hatching frozen male predators; his performance is entertainingly kooky. Poarch’s phenomenal performance and Urban’s whimsically strange imagination deliver a masterful cinematic video.

Sub Urban, Bella Poarch- Inferno

‘Inferno’ music video has reached # 2 on YouTube and over 5 million streams on Spotify. Perhaps we can expect Sub Urban collaboration with Ashnikko or Melanie Martinez sometime next year. Sub Urban and Bella Poarch’s Virgil Mania tours are canceled until next year but set to appear at Firefly Music Festival. Make sure to follow these young pop stars on Tik Tok.

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