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“Fantasies,” by Ambrose Getz: Offering a unique set of visuals in the music video to match, this artist creates a unique blend of synth, alternative rock, and dreamy landscapes in a poetic daydream of creation. The track is an eager boast in following the deepest fantasies as it creates the perfect landscape of sound.

“Even When It’s Bent,” by Night Teacher: Emerging from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Night Teacher is a collaboration between poet and singer-songwriter Lilly Bechtel and multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Wyatt. Their independent debut record, Night Teacher, was released in June 2020. 

The latest release offers what’s next for the project. Released a few weeks back, this folk anthem bends all we know about the genre in this captivating single. The falsetto-laced vocals lilt and praise with each metrical breath and pull its audience in to a unique experience of sound.

“Ben Zaidi’s Blues,” by Ben Zaidi: Ben Zaidi’s music combines the lyrical solemnity of spoken-word poetry with minimal electronica. Written and produced by Ben in his Seattle bedroom, his songs reveal a sincere intimacy reminiscent of a private journal. Zaidi grew up surrounded by the natural serenity of the Pacific Northwest, before traveling east to study poetry at Harvard. He recently broke the airwaves on Seattle’s iconic radio station KEXP 90.3, and has been performing at historical venues throughout the city including The Crocodile and Barboza. He now resides primarily in Brooklyn, New York.

The latest single of this artist is a captivating indie pop hit. While it embodies a steady, trance beat paired with laid back vocals, the track continues to build in emotion and its sense of grace as it progresses. The music video, too, breaks through a barrier of plastic sheet as the suffocation slowly sets in while facing isolation and being alone indoors. The track is a beautiful time capsule of the world we are in as we fight to break through.

“Worth The Wait,” by Elroy: In between playing drums with Crowded House, Wild Nothing, and Connan Mockasin, Elroy has crafted a lush and dreamy debut album recorded and mixed between Auckland, New York, and Egypt; with a production aesthetic reminiscent of Grizzly Bear and Elliott Smith.

This track creates a dreamy landscape with its laid back instrumentals and harmonizing vocals that blend into the scene specially curated and formed. As the track progresses, the instrumentals build in intensity and finish strong all while keeping its pace in mood.

“Just In Time,” by PASQUA: Far exceeding Gladwellian expectation and 10,000 hours, PASQUA is a South Brooklyn native and New York mainstay who has amassed a catalogue of poetry and multi-tracks written and recorded throughout New York and Los Angeles for years.  As a writer, record producer, and musician—and also as one who has worked in the music industry as a manager and A&R rep for multi-platinum selling artists—his aim is one of freedom and fluidity in his music. The spectrum of music includes James Blake-esque, “Your Touch” and “Just in Time,” an electro-acoustic milieu with harmonically charged guitar, flowing bass, and a hypnotic block string arrangement that echoes Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Inspired lyrics about one’s relation to nature and also the magnetic pull between us all tie the calmingly charged debut together.

This track blends acoustic with dreamy popscapes in its laid back vocals you could get lost in. Its sunny sound cannot be contained as it poetically contains much more than its plucked acoustics and whistles of electronic elements. The artist truly blends genre, but gently, as if not wanting to startle the audience as he lures them in close.

“Butterflies,” by Mackenzie Bourg: This sweet love song is everything befitting its title. The plucked acoustic guitar sends chills through its listener as the vocals send you soaring through points of nostalgia and hope to feel the way the song makes you feel.

“(w)hole,” by Sam Tompkins: The artist’s vocals shine on display in this track as it soars through the ears. Made with a music video to match, the Wes Anderson color scheme blends into the scene with a vocal-heavy and emotionally-ridden track.

“Venus Fly Trap,” by MARINA (Remix by SOFI TUKKER): Platinum-selling artist, MARINA has been releasing remixes with other empowering females in the music industry as she continues to rise into the scope of fame. Already known for her unique brand of enigmatic pop that echoes through a growing catalog of Golden Globe® Award-nominated and GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum hits, this remix creates the next chapter in a series of renditions of the Ancient Dreams in A Modern Land hit, “Venus Fly Trap.” SOFI TUKKER are an American musical duo based in Florida consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. They are best known for their songs “Drinkee”, “Best Friend”, and “Purple Hat”. “Drinkee” was nominated for a Grammy at the 2017 Grammy Awards. In December 2018, their album Treehouse was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Album. The two artists created a punchy rendition of the hit, with summery beats and a trance-like sound that will suck its audience into the experience.

“Society Talk,” by Electra Mustaine: If there’s a reason Electra Mustaine doesn’t make the same type of music as her dad, Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine, it’s because she’s just as strong-willed as him. That decisiveness comes through in “Evergreen,” Electra’s debut single as a pop artist that follows her dalliances with country music and, before that, stage acting. Sure, the 23-year-old singer has rocked out onstage with her father in the past. But the up-to-the-minute modern pop sheen of “Evergreen” doesn’t come anywhere close to heavy metal.

And that’s by design. Her sophomore single “Society Talk” continues to build on Electra’s modern pop sound, but isn’t afraid to reference classic artists like Gwen Stefani and Madonna while remaining true to her unique perspective as an artist. Nothing fits this definition to staying true to oneself like this single, released recently to break the barriers and expectations society places on even the biggest and wildest dreams for some. Mustaine’s punchy beat and unique vocals are fun in sound, all while underlying a message true to herself and her soul.

“瘋癲の虎,” by ウィアグリーバー: The WeareGleeber! Project is a new project in which the author has taken the song from the Japanese comic, “WeareGleeber!” (written by Eight Hisamatsu), which is currently running on Kindle. Under the direction of the “Octave music inc”, a wide variety of artists participated in the project, and the songs seem to reflect the creative team’s colorful expressions with each release. Blending funk with alternative rock and pop, this track blurs the lines of genre beautifully while uplifting the spirits into a state of ease.

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