Stress Is No Match In Paenda’s ‘I Don’t Get Stressed’

Stress is a rabid monster that affects us all. It feeds off our energy, motivation, and sanity leaving us like a ball of wet paper. But then there are times when it transforms into a mentor bringing out the best in us. Like a coin, this shows that stress has two faces. All of which can alter the course of our lives dramatically.

The same can be said when stress is absent or when we make the conscious effort to “defeat” it. Which could ten also lead to changes that proverbially rock the boat faster than a tsunami could reach the shore. This sensation and sudden shift can be felt strongly in Paenda’s latest song ‘I Don’t Get Stressed’. Released last March 31st in all major streaming platforms via Sick Kick Records. This new offering from Paenda talks about a state of mind wherein stress doesn’t exist. No, it’s not because of a pill, a routine, a dystopian society or any of that. This wave of bliss is courtesy of love, the romantic type to be more specific.

In a “love conquers all – even stress” type of a scenario, we see the full strength of love in full display. From start to finish, we are served this euphoric rush of emotions that simply makes us want to dance uncontrollably mimicking how love takes over our being. “I like what you do. When you do it me.” as the lyrics would say. All remnants of accumulated stress evaporated into thin air, when her special someone entered her life. Nothing else mattered, being with the love of her life is enough – “I would rather stay in your arms. Staying with you..”.

Blessed with intense musicality. Through its fresh and powerful vocals, to its heavenly instrumentals, Paenda’s ‘I Don’t Get Stressed’ allows us to feel a slice of cloud nine (regardless of relationship status). All in all proving once again the transformative qualities of love and music combined. No stress here, just pure fun!

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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