Jeet Kune Do’s ‘No Halo’ Is A Beautiful Nightmare

When talking about a halo or halos, the next thing that comes to mind are angels. Rightfully so because they’re one of the most distinguishable features of these heavenly beings. But if you go a step further, a brand new realm filled with light is opened. Thus the discussion of how they stand for good, the duties they’re given as messengers as well as guardians ensues. It’s a quick reminder that we acknowledge the presence of a higher being looking out for us.

This same fascination with the roles of angels and how they’re seen as protectors of mankind is tackled in Swedish hard rock group Jeet Kune Do with their latest song ‘No Halo’. Released March 25th in all major streaming platforms via TYSS Music. ‘No Halo’ is a track that specifically looks at an angel’s journey as they go through our world. Heart pounding and profound at the same time, Jeet Kune Do plays with idea of an angel trying to be a badass and succeeding at it. Whether brought by temptation or wanting to feel more human. The angel goes an exploration he will never forget.

“Oh no! There’s no halo around my head. You all thought that I’ll be dead..” as the lyrics would say. We finally get to see the angel playing with fire and falling in love with it as the tune progresses. All of a sudden, the righteousness in him leaves his body and this worldliness takes over. A lust for chaos envelopes him as he walks the dark side. The role of humanity’s steward is slowly forgotten and in its place an appetite for trouble brews in him. “Oh no! There’s no halo around my head. No body lying’ still in bed.”.

As much as it is a tale of a descent into madness, this could also be read as a warning for all of us. With booming vocals and instrumentals that shake your very core, Jeet Kune Do highlights the fact that evil lurks around the bend. It sits there waiting for the perfect time to jump in like a predator awaiting its prey. Surely if the ones with halos can be devoured that easy, what more for us who don’t have halos to begin with.

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Happy midweek everyone!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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