New York City’s homegrown artist collective MICHELLE released a highly anticipated follow-up to their critically-acclaimed sophomore album AFTER DINNER WE TALK DREAMS. Their 2-track single, affectionately dubbed THE SIDE DISHES, features new songs “FOOL 4 U” and “SEA SHANTY.”

The band’s second album ADWTD was recently named one of Billboard‘s Top 10 Pride Albums of 2022. MICHELLE themselves were named as Entertainment Weekly‘s 9 Artists to Watch in 2022.

Courtesy of MICHELLE

It’s important to note that while “FOOL 4 U” and “SEA SHANTY” are featured on a project called THE SIDE DISHES, they are nothing of the sort. “FOOL 4 U” is a laid-back song driven by soft drumming and a steady acoustic guitar. The dreamy vocals and relatable lyrics help propel the track to main course status. On “FOOL 4 U” Michelle says that the song, “Offers something bittersweet. Sitting in the kind of love that holds you–in the kind of love that suffocates you.” The band goes on to further describe their track as, “a song for the tenderness you hate to love, and once loved to have.”

In MICHELLE’s own words, “‘SEA SHANTY’ is a tense, pensive addition to ADWTD. Maybe a daydream, or a nightmare, the song soundtracks the calm before the storm –the moment before a journey, the moment after a sobering realization.” “SEA SHANTY” shines in its ability to set the scene with its use of echoing adlibs, punctuated synthesizers, and driven drum beats. THE SIDE DISHES is a much appreciated addition to the collective’s discography.

As the article title suggests, if you haven’t yet listened to THE SIDE DISHES, or MICHELLE for that matter, you need to stop what you’re doing and give them a listen. The band is currently supporting Mitski’s North American tour and will be starting their own headlining run this September.

To make sure you’re always up to date with the latest MICHELLE news you can head to their official website or follow them on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stream THE SIDE DISHES now and stay tuned with Glasse Factory for more news and reviews of your favorite artists!

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