Still Woozy has kept busy during this national staycation by doing what he does best: giving us vibey, dancey tunes. The artist recently released his new track “Window”, following a lively homemade cover of Tame Impala’s “The Less I Know, The Better.”


The new track allows us to again melt into his soft vocals and whimsical instrumentation as he begs his lover to pull him closer (“please”).  He’s climbing through windows for her;  the scene is reminiscent of summer sneak outs with first loves. I can practically smell the sunscreen.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the lyrics and imagine that crush you’d risk it all for, “If I got one thing right it was you and me / When I go through the window so my body sees /  Pull me closer please / I don’t even need you to explain / How much longer will you keep me on your chain / I’m runnin’ out of options / You’re running through my mind with a shotgun.” But the tone is kept playful through the carefree, bounce-y sounds and the addition of a bed squeaking in the background (*wink*). I can hear the track playing poolside or inside for weeks to come.


Although it’s unclear what this summer will look like during the pandemic, one thing is obvious. This will be the bop of sunny days, whether or not we’ll be staying home.




“Window” beckons one to ask, can this man make a bad song? Someone, please ask him. Tomorrow perhaps? Still, Woozy, also known as Sven Gamsky, will be hosting an AMA (ask me anything) on r/indieheads April 20th at 5 EST.


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