Previewed before her newest album, For Christmas, “Home To Me” was released on November 5th as a taste of what was up-and-coming. This track in particular was the second song to be released, and it was given to the public with the accompaniment of a dazzling music video. “Gone For Christmas” was the first single shown off to tease the full album, both tracks already holding the perfect mood to get excited about Christmas over.

“Home To Me” and the entirety of the For Christmas album is Shires’ first ever step into the holiday genre. It is safe to be said that Shires took this medium and completely ran with it, taking the genre and spinning it to fit her own style of artistry. Shires’ work shown here is anything but the predicable fare that most audiences are used to, and it is a welcomed change as 2021 heads into the deeps of the holidays.

“Home To Me” carries a sweet and heartwarming melody sure to put anyone in the Christmas spirit. The music video presented with the track was filmed in Shires’ home in Nashville, and in turn brings a homey feeling overall. The many scenes presented in the video all have a vintage quality to them, like we as the audience are given a visualizer to all of Shires’ fond memories. The lyrics are filled with an intense feeling of longing, the kind that tends to sprout during the holidays. Lines that are the primary example of this longing include “don’t want to talk, it’s too cold to walk, I keep looking for you, but all I find is frost. You should come home to me.” The emotions expressed are very genuine, and is what makes this an exceptional single as a whole.

The entire album, that was recently released on November 12th, can also be streamed and downloaded here:

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