Silverstein’s Shane Told (vocals), Paul Marc Rousseau and Josh Bradford (guitars), Billy Hamilton (bass), Paul Koehler (drums) are well into their extensive North American tour which includes postponed dates from their 20th Anniversary Tour and sold out dates at venues +1500 capacity worldwide.

On Thursday night, November 18th, they took to San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom along with guests Can’t Swim and The Plot In You. On this tour, they celebrate 20 years together in relentlessly pushing themselves from their underground roots to becoming one of the most influential bands in their scene. Forged in their longevity, the confidence Silverstein has in one another enables the band to find a careful songwriting alchemy.

Silverstein saw the milestone as a time to appreciate how far they’ve come, while channeling all those years of experience into something new. With their new music, they have to this day been given critical acclaim, proving that over the last two decades, they continue to pave the way in their genre.

Can’t Swim began the night out strong at the rescheduled US Tour. Their energy built throughout the performance as the crowd began to build and pour in out of anticipation. Many fans had heard of the boys before seeing them live tonight. Grins peeled through their masks on their faces as they danced with glee and sang along.

Rock and roll lives in San Francisco.

~ Can’t Swim

The Plot In You then hopped onstage, their second time ever performing in SF. New album called Swan Song that just came out that’s heavier and digs into more of the newer hard rock tones. The band ended with fan favorite and everyone sang along loudly and with a swell of pride from within.

And finishing, Silverstein … They hung their 20th anniversary banner high and proud for all to see. They just released a brand new song this night and played it loud for all to hear. Fans moshed in the center of the crowd as smoke guns (word?). They took to the upper levels and gathered everyone they could to get everyone dancing on their feet and out of their chairs. Then, slowing things down, they stripped it back to acoustics where everyone could reminisce and bask in the vibe of the crowd and atmosphere.

We released an album the worst time in modern-day mankind, and you supported us through it all.

~ Silverstein

The band released their latest single, “It’s Over,” which they performed in full for the very first time to their eager crowd. About the single, the band’s guitarist, Paul Marc Rousseau, reveals, “This song is the spiral that leads to giving up. Those anxiety packed hours when you can’t feel anything but the low, steady crescendo of panic that eventually gets so intense your fingertips lose sensation. It’s hopeless to feel but pointless to endure. I didn’t learn anything from feeling that way. I just wanted it to stop.”

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Silverstein! For a full list of tour dates, see below. For tickets go here and follow Silverstein on Instagram here for updates.

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