The wonderful thing about electronica and dance music is that it can encompass so much by saying so little. While there are certainly songs within the genre that have notable lyrics and specific dance moves, the real purpose of electronic music is to create a vibe — whether that vibe gets one moving or relaxing is completely up the listener. And with rising stars Sintra and Billy Cave collaborating on a new single, “Ceviche,” a song now exists that manages to do both while combining all the elements that make a great electronica track.

Both Sintra and Billy Cave are young, Nashville-based musicians with a penchant for creating emotive and catchy electronic music. While both have collaborated with many similar artists in their chosen field, this is the first time they’ve worked together on such a song. And while “Ceviche” has very few lyrics of note — namely, the repeated, occasional chants of, “Oh, my, my,” and, “Oh, yeah” — as with many songs of such ilk, the focus is not on the words but rather the buildup of the arrangement itself, in which Sintra and Billy Cave excel. Neither has spoken on the origins of the collaboration or track, but a statement from the single’s cover, part of the “Vibeaholic” collection, gives some insight into the purpose of the track:

“Experience the deepest sense of vibe. The power to vibe to what you want. Let go of your worries and find the vibe. A vibe that encompasses all senses and leaves you feeling whole.”

“Ceviche” is a perfect mish-mash of the best of dance music, period. It starts off very 1980’s, before moving into the 1990’s for much of the song, with hints of the 2000’s and 2010’s popping in every once in awhile. There are times where the song feels like it’s a nostalgic house track that would fit within a 00’s rave, others where it wouldn’t sound out of place on a sci-fi soundtrack from the mid-80’s and even moments where it evokes a 90’s Eurodance song. Indeed, the inspirations for “Ceviche” seem to come from all over the place, with apparent influences from Vangelis’ synth-y Blade Runner score, 2 Unlimited’s relentlessly pumping “No Limit,” Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ collaboration “We Found Love” and even the bass line from Kanye West’s “I Love It.” It’s a song that could make one dance the night away or sit back and let the sound wash overhead, showcasing the best of both the electronica genre and Sintra and Billy Cave’s talents.

Both Sintra and Billy Cave have released several tracks this year already on their own, and continue to release collaborative singles — stay tuned as more information becomes available. For now, take a listen to their newest single, “Ceviche,” below!

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