SIAS Shares “Sticks and Stones” featuring Rhythm + Flow Contestant Sam Be Yourself

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If you’re into hip-hop and have access to Netflix, we’d hope that you watched the show Rhythm + Flow, where T.I., Cardi B and Chance, The Rapper hit the streets of their home cities to scout out the best local rappers. Sam Be Yourself, from Detroit, MI, was one of the amazing talents Chance found at the Chicago auditions. Sam has since received national attention from his appearances in the competition series. Since the show aired mid-2019 Sam Be Yourself has been diligently putting out original music, including two full length albums No More Mr. Nice Raps (2019) and Isolation Chamber (2020). He’s also released various other stand-alone bangers the past few years, including his most recent song with the band SIAS and Jemille Ali, “Sticks and Stones.

Also from Detroit, electronic-pop duo SIAS joined forces with Sam to create this awesome hybrid-genre song “Sticks and Stones.” There’s feelings of empowerment and strength in the raw and inspiring lyrical bars by Sam and cinematic soundscapes and melodies by SIAS. The duo consists of Josias Yglesias and Haley Grant, and they focus on fusing their wide range of influences together to create an engaging performance that is true to their roots. You’ll hear acoustic elements, electronic, world and score influences, resulting in a sound somewhere between The Chainsmokers, Illenium and CHVRCHES.

SIAS had their start in late 2019 and have already acquired two sync placements in MTV, released two singles and performed at EDC Mexico in 2020, while anticipating a stacked lineup of releases in the near future. This collaboration is such a wonderful showcase of the talent to be found in Detroit. Stream “Sticks and Stones” now, and enjoy it in my Nü Qü playlist!

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