Exclusive Interview: Mason Zgoda Talks About Latest Single “Poltergeist”

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Indie-pop artist based in Nashville, Mason Zgoda, is paving the way in the music industry with haunting new single, “Poltergeist.”

“This song is signature to me. Not quite happy, not quite sad. It is bittersweet. It swings. So does unrequited love. It swings between pain and pleasure, fantasy and reality, longing to possess the object of your desire, and contentment at simply having known them at all,” says Zgoda of the track

We chatted with her recently about her life in quarantine, the song and its impact on her life, and her upcoming EP, being released this April. Check out what we had to say below!

Stream Mason Zgoda’s single, “Poltergeist,” the first single from her upcoming EP Postcard to the World, available on all streaming platforms:

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