CYRRCA Releases Epic Music Video for New Single”Apocalypse Tao” from Upcoming Debut LP

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Flamethrower. Custom monster truck. Gayageum. Colored LED lights. Fog. All the makings of an epic music video. Well, one epic music video in particular – that of “Apocalypse Tao” from CYRRCA‘s upcoming self-named debut LP. Oh and just to add a little bit more flair into this video – the flamethrower (yes, the one from Elon Musk’s Boring Company) is the only one in all of South Korea and the custom monster truck is the only one in Seoul. So yeah, with that much pizazz in a music video, you know the song is going to be pretty sick too.

CYRRCA is more than just one single artist – it’s a sonic experience that takes iconic, intimate, and mythic happenings from a multi-year journey across the globe and delivers them to listeners in a 13-track album. Each track is written from the perspective of a seeker, shaped by the transcendent power of poetry and a fascination with world cultures and mystic traditions. These themes form CYRCCA’s sonic atmosphere, layering it with personal explorations into spirituality, self-discovery, and transformation.

“Apocalypse Tao” is the latest single, and accompanying music video, to drop from this upcoming experience. It’s the ultimate blend of traditional and modern with a bassline that’s established by a gayageum, which is a traditional Korean plucked zither with 12 strings, layered underneath electronic elements to create a hypnotic beat. It has a different sound from a lot of the other released tracks so far – it’s more bold and audacious whereas a lot of tracks have been more melodic and harmonious. CYRRCA keeps a confident and consistent flow throughout the verses and the chorus. He showcases his lyrical mastery with clever rhymes and lines riddled with alliteration and consonance. You’ll need to listen to the track a few times to pick up on all of the references he throws in, including an old Korean saying (if you can understand it). But the general message, as fearless as the production, is to be resolute in your journey and to trust yourself.

The full CYRRCA project will be released on Friday, February 26. It includes the 13-track album, an accompanying art book, an episodic visual album with full-length music videos for every song, and thirteen 3D animated symbols, which illustrate the mythic narrative that shimmers throughout the work.

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