Ben Gage’s “Fairytales” Beautifully Expresses Feelings of Loss in Folk Tale

Acoustic and folk artist, Ben Gage, just released an entire project with his band. From it, we are going to break down the single, “Fairytales” and what it has to offer in between the lines and the strings that are played. Gage has been collecting stories throughout his music career. Within each track, its own story holds weight much more than many others to date, even in the famed folk genre.

For me, nothing captures a moment the way a song can. I have always struggled to live in the moment, itching to get to the next “thing”, but a song stops me in my tracks. It demands attention and will fall to pieces without it. Songs are my anchors to the now.

~ Ben Gage

“Fairytales” begins with a melancholy pluck of the guitar before soft drums compliment as a melody to the leading vocals. From there we are hooked in, and begin to lose ourselves in the wonder, the grief, and the sadness of the story the track holds.

Depicting a story of loss, the vocals instill a moment encapsulated in the beginning stages of learning to cope. The subject of the tale sets the table, and stages the favorite dinner of the person they lost. And during that process, they are awash with sorrow and remorse as they remember the good and the bad memories they shared. The evoked emotion holds all who listens in that stage of grief, and they’re left feeling that same loss wholly and fully within.

Stream the full EP, Cuyahoga, available on all listening platforms today!

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